Four Benefits of Aging that you Need to Know

Getting old isn’t an unavoidable, negative side-effect of living longer; there are plenty of benefits of aging. Older People are Happier According to Smithsonian magazine, as we get older, we get happier. Cornell sociologist Karl Pillemer and his co-workers interviewed about 1,200 older people. They found that many people said something along these lines: “I…

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Three Common Eye Problems that Affect Seniors

Blue eye of an older man

  Once you’re past 50, you may notice some of the common eye problems that affect seniors. At 40, you already made peace with needing a pair set of glasses to see up close up. That’s a normal part of aging. At 50, you’ll need more than just another pair of glasses. From this age,…

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Do you know these Exercises to Improve Your Memory

By age 60, more than half of adults begin to forget things. You may find that your brain isn’t as efficient as it used to be. It’s harder to focus, to learn new things and to remember what you’ve learned. Why is that? The reasons your memory gets worse Minor memory lapses aren’t usually signs…

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Five Tips for Effective Communication with Someone who has Aphasia

image of an iphone

It’s hard to communicate with someone who has aphasia because this condition limits how a person talks, understands, reads and writes. Aphasia is usually a result of a stroke. Most strokes are caused when the arteries leading to the brain are suddenly blocked. When this happens, brain cells are deprived of oxygen and begin to…

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