12.14.21 Visitation Rules

Dear Families and Friends of River’s Edge,

This is an update in regards to Visitation and Resident Outings. Due to the transmission of Covid-19 in River’s Edge and with guidance from our local Department Of Health the facility has decided to implement the following:



For at least the next 2 weeks we will no longer be allowing visitors to enter the facility without a scheduled appointment. Visits will take place in the facility living room with your loved ones. Only 2 visitors will be allowed at one time per visit. Visits will take place from 10am-5:30pm. In order to schedule a visit please call 215-632-5700. As far as scheduling it will be first come first serve. We will only allow 2 visits per week per family in order to allow all families and friends to visit.

Resident Outings

For at least the next 2 weeks we will no longer be allowing residents to go out with families for any reason as all residents are currently in quarantine due to the transmission of covid-19 within the facility.

These measures have been implemented In order to protect all the residents from contracting Covid-19. We hope you can understand and work with us in stopping the spread of Covid-19 so we can get back to regular visitation and resident outings policies.