River’s Edge Rehab Introduces Virtual Reality Technology!

Virtual reality in general, is a technological wonder associated with use the fastest growing demographic in our country right now.

However, the elderly are often the most overlooked when it comes this new technology. Overlooked at many other Skilled Nursing Facilities, but not at River’s Edge!

At our skilled nursing and rehab facility we recently introduced cutting-edge virtual reality technology to help with our patient rehabilitation! The use of VR can help improve the lives of our seniors with mobility problems who require physical rehabilitation and for those residents who are unable to leave the facility.

Our technology, allows us to scan each resident’s body and calculate and customize routines for each patient. The VR technology also helps track the patient’s responses to the on-screen visual cues to ensure that they are achieving optimal therapy results!

Take a look at our technology in action with one of our patients (and our proud Administrator standing by in the 2nd photo below)!

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